Jbst soccer academy

JBST Soccer Academy was founded in 2000 by Jean Jacques Bosco. The school offers programs for everyone from young children to seniors, from the absolute beginner to the semi-professional. JBST has developed over 2000 players in the Lower Mainland and strives to elevate the level of soccer and inspire passion for the sport in the Greater Vancouver community.


jbst soccer association

JBST Soccer Association is a non-profit organization that was initiated by a group of soccer lovers, supporters and players in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. The founders wish to make soccer accessible to all people, regardless of his or her financial situation. Through this non-profit organization, JBST Holdings will fulfill the mission of promoting community soccer in Canadian culture.


jbst soccer magazine

JBST Soccer Magazine is a medium that contributes to the goals of JBST Soccer Academy and JBST Soccer Association by offering soccer information and education and stimulating conversations on current events, issues and ideas. In doing so the magazine intends to unite soccer enthusiasts, improve the soccer scene and ignite a deeper passion for soccer in the community.



Academie de Francisation is a French learning program that was developed by Jean Jacques Bosco in 1999. This program has helped everyone from Elementary students to PhD candidates. French4Everyone caters to different learning needs by offering classes in one on one, small group and classroom settings. This program emphasizes conversation skills and has students speaking French from day one.

Vancouver Tutoring Centre

JBST tutoring centre

In the summer of 2011 Jean Jacques Bosco created the JBST Tutoring Centre as requested by parents. JBST Tutoring Centre offers courses in Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, English, Swahili, Lingala and Mandarin as well as paper and citation proofreading. JBST Tutoring Centre can help everyone from Elementary to University students and offers a flexible schedule, making classes incredibly easy to attend.

Contact Info

contact info

Office Address:
206-55 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC,V5Y 1P1

Phone: 604.355.8741

"The hope of Canadian soccer lies with those who ignite a passion for the game".
~ Jean Jacques Bosco.



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