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JBST is comprised of: Jean Jacques Bosco (JJ), coaching team and players

JBST Soccer Academy is a school-based, soccer development program which has been run by JJ and his enthusiastic, well-trained coaches for over ten years. JJ’s professional experience in coaching and playing began in Rwanda and Belgium. Upon moving to Canada he earned his Canadian coaching license and opened the JBST Soccer Academy. This soccer school is dedicated to not only teach fundamental soccer skills, but also to inspire a passion for soccer and the spirit of sport in everyone from toddlers to adults.

This Academy has its roots in the West Side of Vancouver. It has long operated at Kerrisdale and West Point Grey’s Old Barn Community Centres and recently opened another branch at Champlain Heights Community Centre.  We have chosen these venues because they are maximally accessible and affordable to the public. We believe community centres should the birth place of our Nation’s future soccer players, and other athletes.

Our success as JBST Soccer Academy has allowed us to create JBST Soccer Association and we aspire to publish a JBST Soccer Magazine. This magazine would help connect and educate the soccer community as well as give it a voice in the larger community.

JBST fosters hard-working, committed, empathetic athletes who will, in turn, positively influence those around them. Please support JBST philosophy. It is an investment that will benefit your community as a whole.



Jean Jacques Bosco