Gothia Cup


Update from Gothia Cup – The World Soccer Youth Cup-Gothenburg – Sweden.
About JBST International Soccer Club

JBST International Soccer Club is one of 9 clubs from Canada that have teams playing during Gothia Cup 2012. They participate with one team in Boys 18.

In addition to JBST International Soccer Club, 147 other teams from 33 different countries do play in Boys 18. They are divided into 36 different groups, whereof JBST International Soccer Club can be found in Group 16 together with Weston AFC 1, Belgica, Oskarshamns AIK and Norrby IF.

JBST International Soccer Club continued to Slutspel B after reaching 4:th place in Group 16. In the playoff they made it to 1/32 Final, but lost it against Walddörfer SV with 1-2.

JBST International Soccer comes from Vancouver,BC,V6J 1M4 which lies approximately 7400 km from Göteborg, where Gothia Cup takes place. Other than JBST International Soccer Club, the club Roman Tulis does also originate from the area around Vancouver,BC,V6J 1M4.


Sean’s story in Gothia Cup 2012
U18 JBST in Gothia Cup- Sweden July 16-21, 2012

Approximately one month before the start of the Gothia Cup, I was asked to play on a team representing JBST Academy from Canada in Sweden. I had never heard of the Gothia Cup before and an opportunity like this was a dream for me, a dream I had all but given up on as I got older.

Before I even had time to get excited, I was already landing in Goteburg, Sweden and preparing for my first game in 2 days. Goteburg is a beautiful place with a fantastic combination of old stonework and modern architecture. The teams we faced during the week were around the level of skill I was expecting, which was like nothing I had ever seen back home. They all knew their teammates very well and played instinctively with crisp and solid passing and execution. This made it very difficult for our team since four of us flew in from Canada, one from France, one from the U.S. and five from Sweden.

We all met the day before our first game, while most teams we faced had been together for years. We were still able to secure a win at our first game and bring our playoff debut to a shootout before our unfortunate loss. Overall, I had an amazing time this week, both on and off the field. It was a great experience for me and a chance to learn a lot about the way football was meant to be played. Our room was a little crowded at the school but I wasn’t expecting 5-star hotel accommodation to begin with so that wasn’t too bad. Considering how many people they had to serve, the food was pretty decent. It was nothing fancy but it was good and kept us energized for the games. The fields were all in good condition and public transit was quick, free with the Gothia Card, and easily accessible. Everybody was incredibly friendly and, although there were a few disagreements on the pitch as should be expected, good sportsmanship was most often demonstrated by both sides.

I sincerely recommend that anybody who is given the chance to participate in the Gothia Cup should do so. Even if you don’t win, the girls here are gorgeous and plentiful so you’ll have tons of fun anyway.

-Sean Crean


JBST is looking for small businesses and corporations to sponsor U18 JBST Soccer team that would travel to Gothenburg – Sweden on July 16 – 21st, 2012. Once you sponsor us, we will post your business advertisement on our JBST Soccer Magazine.

Also, we would like to remind our friends and supporters that we appreciate their donations. Without your support, we cannot make this trip happen. U18 JBST players much appreciate your support.

Please email us at or call Jean Jacques at 778.318.7772.

If you would like to Support U18 JBST Traveling team to Gothenburg, Sweden
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It’s no exaggeration to say that the Gothia Cup is the most appreciated and well known youth soccer tournament in the world. Certainly even the most popular. Throughout the years 800,000 youths from over 127 different countries have participated in the Gothia Cup. More than 1,500 teams partake yearly. Obviously these are staggering numbers, but perhaps we are proud of something more that cannot be expressed in numbers. The fact that we are able to retain and develop the basic principle of the Gothia Cup; the idea that through soccer as a common denominator, we gather the youth of the world to create a meeting ground. A ground that gives hope for a better future. Welcome all!